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Here are the audio courses you ordered. We suggest that you bookmark this page in case you want to come back to it. You can visit this to listen to these courses as many times as you want. Click on the player arrows next to each course name below to start the courses. You can pause and restart any time you want.

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Denials in Workers’ Compensation Cases – Course # 20180701
Cyber Liability in the Connected Car – Course # 20180830
A Legal Analysis of Police Excessive Force and Black Lives Matter – Course # 20180904
Rethinking Negotiation and Mediation Strategies for Better Outcomes – Course #20180921
Getting the Most from Expert Witnesses – Course #20180906
The Neuroscience Behind Effective Legal Practice – Course # 20180813
People v. Sanchez and the dilemma for family law – Course # 20180905
Understanding the “Family” of Experts Required for Effective Family Law Practice – Course # 20180827
Building a Global Trademark Portfolio – Course # 20180907
Patents 101 – Course # 20180926
Employers, Discrimination and Harassment – Course # 20181017
Negotiation Theory and Practice – Course # 20181024
Cultural Awareness: Divorce Mediation and Jewish Law – Course #20181121
Understanding Employment Litigation – Course # 20181031
The Art of Analyzing Trust Documents – Course # 20181112
How Mediation Can Exceed Your Expectations – Course #20181126
Cyber Security Basics for Attorneys – Course #20181108
Information Technology Basics for Attorneys – Course #20181109
Financial Reporting Basics for Attorneys – Course #20181111
Ethics Challenges in the Virtual Law Firm – Course # ET161001 | 1/2 Ethics Hour
Cyber Threats and The Duty of Confidentiality – Course # ET161005 | 1/2 Ethics Hour
How to Identify and Handle Conflicts of Interest – Course # ET161101| 1 Ethics Hour
CA Legal Ethics in the Real Life of a Practicing Attorney – Course # ET161102| 1 Ethics Hour
Social Media: An Ethical Minefield for California Attorneys – Course # ET171201| 1 Ethics Hour
Breaking the Stigma: A Personal Story of Addiction Recovery in the Legal Profession – Course #SA171203 | 1 Professional competency (Substance Abuse) Hour
Course #BS171202 | Sexual Harassment and Bias in the Workplace –  1/2 Bias Hour
Course #BS171204 | Elimination of Bias as a Risk Management Strategy –  1/2 Bias Hour

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